FRC Hosting & Development

With over 32 years of IT experience, I just couldn't stay away. Therefore, I'm re-opening FRC's doors after a very brief retirement. This is partly because I just really enjoy IT, as it was a hobby turned a living. I also really enjoy helping people and even in "retirement", people made it obvious that they still need and want my help. And because it became evident that my other business, Healthy Options Insurance, had me as busy in IT as ever and other Agents and Agencies are much in need of my IT experience and that of the team that I'm bringing back on board.


As always FRC will provide excellent First Response Service for all those IT issues you didn't see coming, working on all platforms, networks, and even VoIP business phone systems. I'm also opening FRC Hostings Servers to the public again at our top tier state of the art data center in Dallas. Along with hosting you must need a site of course or you probably would not be looking for hosting. So, our skilled web development team is gearing up and ready to start working with you to develop or update your website today.


And we are introducing a new offering for our clients in the insurance industry. Again due to my experiences starting Healthy Options Insurance and speaking with other agents, we will be offering insurance industry-specific sites, marketing, and internal resources for insurance Agents and Agencies.


Call me today at (903) 231-3513 or send us a message on our facebook page to learn more and have all of your IT needs met. The team and I are looking forward to working with you.

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